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I will create for you an unforgettable experience through my food. I will provide you with a variety of menu options that include hors d'oeuvres, salads, entrees, side dishes and desserts.  I will help to create an exquisite menu that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy.  Once you have decided on your menu...I will do the rest!  I will do all of the planning, shopping, prep work, serving and clean up.  I will bring everything needed to ensure you are able to relax, socialize and enjoy your memorable event.  


Menu planning

I will plan an exquisite menu or will work with clients to plan a menu of their liking.



I will do all the shopping required to ensure all ingredients are in place for a delicious meal.

Shopping Bags

All plating and utensils

I provide all plates, utensils, glasses, serving dishes, and napkins.  I literally bring it all, even the candles.

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Meal preparation

I will prepare an amazing meal using my culinary skillset and tools with your appliances.

Clean up

I do all dishes and clean everything that has been used. I believe in leaving your home cleaner than when I showed up.

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