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                                                   RECIPE FOR THE PERFECT ORDER

* Our new menu is released every Wednesday at 3 pm

* Online ordering is available from Wednesday at 3 pm until Monday at 1 pm. (Minimum order requires 1 entree) 

* Delivery times will vary from week to week based on the number of orders and most efficient delivery routes. You can call 315-352-8303 on Wednesday if you have any questions regarding your delivery. Our delivery drivers start at approximately 8:30 am and are usually done by 4 pm. 

* We encourage clients to purchase our coolers for added convenience and secure delivery. Small coolers hold approximately 7 meals, large coolers hold approximately 12 meals, and both come with a pre-frozen ice pack. We'll exchange the ice packs every week, just leave them in the cooler. You are also welcome to leave out a cooler of your own.

* We WILL NOT leave your food outside unless "Contact-less Delivery" is indicated on your order. Please leave detailed delivery preferences in the "Add Delivery Instructions" in the Delivery Method section during checkout.

* One of the perks of our service is we don't require contracts or commitments. Though many of our clients order weekly, you are free to order at your convenience. 

* We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and debit cards. If you selected delivery and plan to pay via cash or check, select "Manual Payment", and the delivery driver will collect payment upon delivery. If you plan to pick up your order, cash, check, credit, or debit cards can be accepted at the Milton Ave pick up location.  If paying by cash or check, please indicate which payment method in the "Add Order Notes" at checkout. 

NOTE:  If you plan to pick up your order from Sweet Dream Candy Shoppe or from 20|EAST, accepted payments are credit cards, debit cards, or Chef Brian Gift Certificates.

* If you plan to use a gift certificate select "Manual Payment" and make sure to note the gift card number in the "Add Order Notes" section of your order.

* A delivery fee applies to all delivery orders. (Example: 1 meal $15.75 + $10 delivery = $25.75 total.) If you order 10 meals or more, we will deliver for free!! Just enter promo code 10ORMORE. (Only entree orders count toward this promotion)


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