1)  The new menu for every week gets released Wednesdays             @ 3pm. This is when you can start ordering for the following         Wednesday delivery or pickup.

2) Go to the online ordering page. 

3) Pick whatever meals you'd like, we offer tons of choices for         every pallete.

4) Pay for you meals with our speedy checkout.

5) Enter whatever address you'd like your meals delivered to.
          We have a bunch of people that send meals as gifts or thank you's. Adult children sending food to their elderly                   parents. Parents that send meals to teachers or we deliver to schools and businesses so everyone in the office             orders and takes them home that evening. They all order together saving them a delivery fee.

6) You'll receive an emailed receipt and confirmation number           of your order. 

-- Online ordering is live from Wednesday @ 3pm when the new menu gets released until Monday @ 1pm. Mondays we gather provisions & prep. Tuesdays we cook, package and properly refrigerate your meals. Wednesdays we start delivering around 8am. 

-- Even though our site offers a delivery time, times are not               accurate. Your delivery time all depends how many meals we have to deliver that day. You can call 315-560-4896 on wednesday if you'd like to find out a closer estimated delivery time. Our delivery driver start deliveries at 8am and are usually done by 3pm. If you'd like to call/text me I can give             you a more accurate time for your area.

-- This is a one day order
NOT made to order and deliver that            day. For this service you have to plan ahead. i.e. "If I order 6          meals Friday to be delivered Wednesday that cuts down on              shopping this weekend, dinners planned for the three of us          for two nights this week."

-- We encourage clients purchase our coolers which are $25.75 and $30.75. They'll hold up to 8 meals and the bigger ones hold up to 12 meals. We'll change the old ice packs with clean & sanitized fresh ones every week, just leave it in the cooler. If you don't want to do that either be home or leave a cooler of your own out.

-- We
WILL NOT leave your food outside unless you put in the           notes section of your order that's what you'd like the delivery       driver to do.

-- One of the perks of our service is we don't have contracts or       commitment. If you don't like what's on our menu next week,       don't order. Most of our clients do order weekly though.

-- It's easiest to use a card or PayPal but we also take cash,                check, Zelle, Venmo. If you plan to use C.O.D or a check                  select manual payment and the delivery driver will pick it up        on Wednesday when your meals are delivered.

-- If you plan to use a gift certificate select manual pay as well.       Make a note of it in the notes section and we'll run it through       our database.

-- A one time delivery fee applies. Example: 1 meal $15.75 + $10              delivery = $25.75 total. 9 meals $141.75 + $10 delivery = $151.75 total. 10 or more meals (dessert not included)  we deliver for
free. Just enter promo code 10ORMORE.